Frequently asked questions

  • How far in advance should I order my cake?

    April – September are the busiest months for weddings and as we’re a small company we can only take a few bookings for each weekend. Fridays and Saturdays during this period are often booked up a year in advance, so try to reserve your date as early as possible. Holiday weekends throughout the year are always early to be booked, especially Easter weekend and the May and August bank holidays. The style and size of your cakes can be determined closer to the time of your event. For smaller orders, at least two week’s notice would be great and for cupcakes, please allow 24 hours notice or 48 at weekends.

  • Tell me about the cake consultation

    This is part of our wedding service. We can arrange a time convenient for you to discuss your ideas and you can pop along to see us for some tea and cake and a chat. No ideas? Not a problem, we are happy to design something new especially for your big day. We can make a cake to coordinate with your wedding – samples of dresses, flowers and invitations are a great starting point – or you might like to personalise your cake with a design reflecting your interests and character. During this meeting we supply samples of the different flavours of cakes you are interested in having for your wedding so please let us know of any favourites you might have!

  • I’ve already seen a cake I like – can you make it for me and/or adapt it to match the theme of my wedding?

    We are happy to recreate cakes for you. Colours and size of cake are easily changed if required.

  • What are your cakes made from?

    We use organic butter and flour and locally produced free range eggs from happy hens in Ayrshire. Our caster sugar is Fairtrade, and any fruit used is a mix of organic, Fairtrade or locally produced, depending on the season.

  • When will my cakes be baked?

    All our cakes are baked to order, so please allow at least 3 months notice for fruit cakes. Sponge cakes are usually baked 3 days in advance to allow time for icing and decoration work. Cupcakes are baked on the day or the day before you need them and are best eaten up quickly as they taste best when fresh!

  • May I have more than one flavour for my cake or cupcakes?

    Yes, for cakes of more than 1 tier you can mix and match as you like. For cupcakes the minimum order for any single flavour is 12, or 24 for orders over 60 cupcakes. You can have as many colours and fillings as you wish.

  • Do you make free-from cakes?

    Yes, we can make gluten free, dairy free and egg free cakes – just let us know about any intolerances or allergies when placing your order. We do not recommend that our cakes are suitable for those with a severe nut allergy as there are nuts present in our kitchen and possible traces of nuts in our flour

  • What’s a filled cupcake?

    The description says it all really! These are luxury cupcakes, popular for weddings as they are that little bit more special. You might want 100 chocolate cupcakes, but you can mix and match the fillings – chocolate ganache, mocha cream, raspberry or cherry preserve and caramel are all good combinations!

  • I don’t like fruit cake!

    No problem, many couples opt not to have any fruit cake at their wedding at all. You may like to have one tier as a fruit cake to please the more traditional guests, but remember that if you are having a stacked cake, the fruit must be the base tier.

  • How do I know what size of cake I need?

    We’re on hand to help you with this one! Our tiered cakes are approximately 4″ high and bridal slices are usually 1”x1” in fruit cake, or 2” x 1” in sponge. The tables below should help you get an idea of how many tiers you might need for your cake:

    Sponge cakes

    Size of cake Round – approx no. servings Square – approx no. servings
    4″ 6 8
    6″ 12 18
    8″ 28 32
    10″ 45 50
    12″ 66 72

    Fruit Cakes

    Size of cake Round – approx no. servings Square – approx no. servings
    4″ 12 16
    6″ 30 36
    8″ 56 64
    10″ 90 100
    12″ 132 144
  • How much are your cakes?

    That all depends on the size, style, flavour and amount of work required for your cake! As a guideline price, a three tiered sponge cake serving 100 guests would cost from £350. Wedding cupcakes start at £2.50 each. Please contact us with your requirements and we are happy to give you an idea of cost. Please note that for weddings the price given includes your tasting session and design consultation and delivery and arrangement of your cakes on the day of your wedding in and around Glasgow. There may be a delivery charge for further afield venues.

  • Where are you?

    1/6 Brook Street Studios
    60 Brook Street
    G40 2AB

  • Do you deliver?

    Yes, your cakes will always be personally hand delivered. At the moment small orders are restricted to Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Glasgow delivery for orders is usually just £7. For weddings and large orders (over £200), delivery is free within a 35 mile radius of Glasgow and 90p per mile thereafter roundtrip.

  • Is a deposit required?

    Yes please! For weddings orders we would appreciate a deposit of £50, payable at your first consultation and this reserves your date. Design and size can be confirmed over time as we work together to create your perfect cake on the run up to your wedding.

  • How should I transport my cakes?

    If you choose not to have your cake delivered then please note that once the cake has left our premises, it is solely your responsibility. We are not required (but do often try) to fix or replace any cake that has been damaged in transit or by staff/over excited friends and family/pets at your venue.

    Please follow these guidelines:
    Always transport cake boxes in a level position.
    Avoid bumps and holes in the road as much as you can.
    Do not make sharp turns or sudden stops.
    Ensure your cake cannot slide around.
    Never hold boxes.

    We are not responsible for cakes once they are out of our hands. This includes cakes picked up and setup by customers and any damage to cakes caused after we have safely delivered and set up at a venue.

  • How should I store my cakes?

    Once your cake is cut, it is best kept in an airtight tin and should keep well for approximately 1 week. Cupcakes should also be kept in an airtight tin and are best eaten within a few days. Never ever put your cakes uncovered in the fridge as they will dry out and absorb smells from any neighbouring foods!

  • Do you provide cake stands?

    We have 7 tier cupcakes stands that are available to hire at a cost of £30 + £80 refundable deposit. Another option is to have a custom made cupcake stand designed to coordinate with your cakes and be part of the display, rather than just something for the cakes to sit upon. If we don’t have the stand you’re looking for, we will help you find it elsewhere.

  • Questions or concerns?

    We work very hard to make sure your cake is perfect, but we’re human and mistakes can happen! If there’s a colour to be a changed, or a misspelling of a name, or you wanted extra flowers, please just tell us! Most aesthetic changes can be made in time for your celebration. Please allow us this opportunity.

    We take great care and pride in our work, but in the rare event that you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please notify us within 24 hours of receipt of your cake. Due to the extremely perishable nature of the product we must be made aware of any issues as soon as possible and the cake should be returned to us. Issues brought to our attention after 24 hours cannot be effectively judged and to ensure that we can assess any problem accurately this time frame is non-negotiable.

We hope we have answered all your questions. If there is something else you would like to ask or if you would just like to chat about your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

1/6 Brook Street Studios,
60 Brook Street, Glasgow, G40 2AB

07734 868 081 | info@littlecakeparlour.com
Monday–Saturday | 10am–7pm

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